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If you have a story you think could be of interest, please discuss it with one of our experienced journalists. Call us in confidence on 0118 944 0600 for advice or contact us. Your story or experiences, may be worth good money!

If you are still unsure about contacting INS with your true life story take a look at how the INS Features team helped one woman to tell her story to the nation or find out what is involved in selling your story:

Why choose INS Features?

The INS Features team has a reputation second-to-none for finding the most poignant, uplifting human interest stories. More importantly, we work closely with all of the UK’s national newspapers and magazine titles and regularly break important stories ahead of Fleet Street.

How does it work?

We’ll talk you through every step

Call us in strict confidence and we will assess the potential of your story, tell you how we would try and place it and discuss fee options. Whatever is agreed financially, we’ll put it in writing to give you peace of mind.

If we think your story has potential, one of our executives or feature writers will talk you through it and then interview you, ensuring the finished product captures the essence of your situation.

Once we’ve interviewed you, we will read back the article, thus ensuring it is a faithful account of your story.
Then we’ll send it to the newspaper or magazine and update you on developments.

I’m not sure my story is good enough

Give us a call anyway. We will be able to tell you if your story is likely to be worth anything. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know!

What next?

Let us introduce you to Tom Hendry, Features Editor.

Meet the editor

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Meet the INS Features Editor

Tom Hendry

The people I deal with know they can trust me implicitly, and if they say something that’s off-the-record, it stays that way. That is why they have all remained my friends over the years.

Tom Hendry

Tom Hendry

INS Features is headed by Tom Hendry, a former executive of three Fleet St newspapers, he is also the agency’s deputy editor.

In the past decade Tom has secured a series of envied exclusive features involving a raft of high profile characters who initially were understandably concerned about talking publicly and definitively to the media.

They include: The mother of tragic singer Amy Winehouse, the sons of canoeist John Darwin, who falsely invented his own death in an insurance scam, the innocent husband and daughters of nursery paedophile Vanessa George, who knew nothing of her sordid past, the former wife of ex-pat Robert Murat, who was involved in the search for missing Maddie McCann, and more recently the cruel betrayal of Debbie Garlick.

Debbie was engaged to wealthy farmer Adrian Prout who finally broke her heart by admitting he had killed his missing wife and buried her in the grounds of their home.