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These testimonials represent just a small sample of the many people we have worked with over the years. There are more examples of our work on the main INS features page.

Kerry Hodder, widow of train driver in the Padington rail crash. Kerry’s story was featured in the Mail on Sunday.

There was only one agency I was willing to trust with my special story.

Kerry Hodder

INS helped Vanda James tell her story with a feature in the Sunday Mirror – Homes & Holidays.

INS handled the story of my 27 house moves in four years with style, flair and attention to detail.

Vanda James

Debbie Ash, a former dancer and sister of actress Leslie Ash, trusted INS to help. Debbie’s warning to sister Leslie was featured in the Mail on Sunday.

It was difficult telling TV star sis, Leslie Ash, to leave her violent marriage, but Tom Hendry ensured my warning wasn’t treated sensationally.

Debbie Ash

Television presenter Aneka Svenska brought forward her wedding day for her dying mum’s sake. Her story was featured in Bella magazine.

At first I wasn’t sure about telling my story, but INS handled it with care and sensitivity.

Aneka Svenska

INS Features helped Debbie Garlick tell the story of how she nearly married Adrian Prout, the man who killed his missing wife and buried her body on his property.

How INS helped Debbie Garlick

Emma Barton, dubbed ‘the M5 orphan’ trusted INS Features to help her reveal the truth behind her tragic ordeal as a victim of the M5 motorway disaster.

How INS helped Emma Barton

Debbie Garlick

How INS News Agency helped woman who discovered her fiance had killed his missing wife

Debbie Garlick featured in The Mail on Sunday, Closer, Take a Break and on ITV's This Morning

Debbie Garlick’s story featured in The Mail on Sunday, Closer, Take a Break and on ITV’s This Morning on 18/1/2012

INS has followed Debbie Garlick’s story from fiercely protesting her fiance Andrew Prout’s innocence to the shocking revelation that he murdered his missing wife Kate Prout and buried her body in woodland on his property.

I couldn’t have got through this ordeal without the advice and guidance I received from Tom Hendry.

Debbie Garlick

Emma Barton

How INS Features has helped M5 crash victim Emma

Emma Barton featured in The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Mail

Emma’s story featured in The Mail on Sunday and The Daily Mail

INS Features has worked closely with Emma to help her talk about her tragic ordeal as one of the victims of the M5 motorway crash in which she lost her father and sister.

Pamela helped me to get the truth out about what really happened on the day of the M5 motorway accident. She has continued to help me and in the process we have become firm friends. I hope it stays that way.

Emma Barton