‘Amy was so ashamed of being an alcoholic, she wouldn’t even drink in front of me’

The original feature published in The Daily Mail The Daily Mail - November 4, 2011
By Janis Winehouse

In a revealing - and moving - interview, Janis Winehouse insists that her daughter DIDN'T have a death wish.

Amy Winehouse made a point of never drinking in front of her family. She knew she was an alcoholic and hated the fact. She told them she couldn’t bear how it made her feel, and what it was doing to her — but she promised them that she was going to stop.

Just as the 27-year-old-star had, in 2008, seemingly single-handedly conquered her life-threatening addiction to drugs, so she seemed determined to do the same with drink.

But she made it clear she wanted to do it on her own terms and in her own time, without interference. Taking the words of her favourite Frank Sinatra song, she told her family she wanted to do it ‘My Way’.

Janis Winehouse in The Daily Mail - 'Amy was so ashamed of being an alcoholic, she wouldn't even drink in front of me'overlay
The original feature published in The Daily Mail

Amy’s mother Janis, 56, dabs at her eyes with a tissue as she remembers her daughter’s utter conviction. ‘I think Amy felt she was invincible,’ says Janis, in her first interview following last week’s inquest into the Grammy Award-winning star’s death on July 23.

‘Amy didn’t want to die; she didn’t have a death wish. She had a huge zest for life. There was so much she still wanted to achieve.

‘Amy was incredibly strong, both physically and mentally, but alcohol addiction seemed to creep up on her and then just took her by surprise.’

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