He begged me to stay with him at a London hotel on July 6th

Nicki Pike featured in The Mail on Sunday, May 8, 2011 The Mail on Sunday - May 8, 2011
By Nicki Pike, 23

The girlfriend of July 7 bomber Germaine Lindsay has spoken for the first time – and revealed how he tried to trick her into going with him on his suicide mission.

Nicki Pike, 23, dated the 19-year-old in the weeks before he killed 26 people on a Piccadilly line train near King’s Cross station with a homemade bomb.
Today she reveals how the Yorkshire-raised terrorist begged her to join him in a London hotel the night before the attacks in 2005 – and told her he had a ‘surprise’ and a ‘treat’ in store for her the next day.
Nicki initially agreed to go with Lindsay and it was only a chance reunion with a long-lost friend that persuaded her to spend the evening elsewhere. “I am convinced he wanted to take me on that train that day,” she says. “It has haunted me ever since.”
She also tells of how he flew into a furious rage after received a phone call now known to have been from July 7 plot leader Mohammed Sidique Khan giving him the go-ahead for the attack.

Nicki, who left school at 15 to work a string of minimum-wage jobs, had barely ever left the Buckinghamshire town when she met Lindsay and says she had no inkling of his plans.
She admits she was painfully naive and, in person, comes across as straightforward but not someone who would necessarily think critically or ask difficult questions.

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