I asked my fiance to take a lie detector test to show he didn’t murder his wife… but it proved he was the killer

Debbie Garlick featured in The Mail on Sunday, January 8, 2012 The Mail on Sunday - January 8, 2012
By Debbie Garlick, 41

Debbie Garlick wanted to save her baby's father from a miscarriage of justice... instead she discovered the horrifying truth.

It was the nauseating moment Debbie Garlick realised the man she planned to marry, the father of her baby daughter, was a cold and calculating murderer. Sitting in the overheated visitors’ room at Rye Hill Prison in Warwickshire, Debbie tentatively posed the one question she hadn’t dare ask in the four years since meeting him. She looked across the table at her fiance Adrian Prout and, heart palpitating, said: ‘If you have done something to her we need to know, so that her family can give her a proper burial.’
Despite his constant denials and no body ever being found, Prout was serving a life sentence for the murder of his wife Kate. Debbie dreaded the answer because, until that moment, she’d had total faith in the man she had grown to love and had campaigned ferociously to have released. Prout, a 49-year-old businessman, stared at her coolly and answered quietly: ‘She’s had one.’

Debbie Garlick wanted to save her baby's father from a miscarriage of justice... instead she discovered the horrifying truth.overlay
Debbie Garlick featured in The Mail on Sunday

In that short, callous statement, just two months ago, Debbie’s hopes and dreams for the future came crashing down around her. ‘My stomach turned over,’ she says. ‘I felt hot and started shaking uncontrollably. I realised then that everything we had been building together was a lie, along with every word he had ever told me.’
Debbie, 41, went straight to the police and within eight days they had discovered Kate’s body in a shallow grave where the calculating Prout had buried the attractive retired school teacher under the cover of darkness.

For four years, Prout had never changed his sob story. He claimed that Kate had stormed out of the marital home on Bonfire Night in 2007 to ‘wind him up’ after a series of rows and just disappeared. A jury, however, found him guilty of murder in 2010, after the prosecution read out damning passages from her diary. Debbie, who met Prout a month after Kate’s disappearance, stubbornly refused to believe he was responsible for such a heinous crime, insisting he was the victim of a miscarriage of justice. But suddenly, the horrific truth was there and she had to face it.

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