Mum’s affair destroyed our family

Mum's affair destroyed our family - Portia Bryant, Bella Bella - November 30, 2010
By Portia Bryant, 19

For Portia Bryant, 19, home life was happy and stable but it all fell apart when her mum walked out...

We’d just finished dinner when Mum called upstairs to Clay and me to come back to the dining room. She and Dad looked serious. ‘I’m sorry, I’m leaving.’ she said. ‘What?’ I gasped. ‘I don’t want to be with your dad any more, it’s my time now,’ she replied. She didn’t wait for us to respond. She simply walked out the door as we stared on in shock. However, the next day she dropped a bombshell. ‘I’ve started a relationship with a woman,’ she said. ‘I’ve moved in with her.’ Then in September of this year a friend texted to say I should pick up a copy of the Daily Mirror newspaper. Excitedly, I raced to the newsagent’s, wondering what it could be. To my horror, I saw Mum and Carol’s grinning faces splashed across the page under the headline ‘Married for years…then I fell in love with a woman!’ It detailed how the met, including their first kiss after a cinema date and their physical relationship. It also revealed they had started seeing each other while Mum was still with Dad.

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