My 10-year-old son saw a murder

My 10-year-old son saw a murder, Woman's Own, December 31, 2010 Woman's Own - December 31, 2010
By Jolene Carthy

Brave schoolboy Rhys Carthy helped catch murderer Robert Cusworth and mum Jolene Carthy feels incredibly proud...

Crouching low to the ground, 10-year-old Rhys Carthy’s heart beat faster. He’d been out looking for grass snakes when he’d seen a tall man with close cropped hair creep up on a woman walking her dog and pull out a knife. As the rain fell hard on that Saturday afternoon, Rhys watched terrified as the man grabbed her from behind and stabbed her over and over again. Desperately, she fought for her life. But it wasn’t enough. As she collapsed in a pool of blood, Rhys – realising other dog walkers were trying to save the woman – raced home. At first, Rhys was too frightened to say what had happened. It was only when his mum Jolene heard him talking to his best friend, 10 days after the murder in June 2009, that the terrible secret spilled out…

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