She started calling me ‘old bean’… then she left me for a man of 51

Mike Hollingsworth in the Mail on Sunday, June 27, 2010 Mail on Sunday - June 27, 2010
By Mike Hollingsworth, 64

Mike Hollingsworth knew his marriage was in serious trouble but it was only last Thursday that he was forced to accept it was over for good.

Picking up his wife’s passport, a boarding-pass stub fell on to the floor. The date was May 14 and it was in the name of man called Anthony Swift.
‘That was the time she said she had been to Ireland with her friend Rosie,’ Mike says. ‘I realised this affair had been going on for some time. I’d been taken for a fool.’

For a man used to being in control, this is no easy admission. But then recent events have exacted a terrible toll on Anne Diamond’s former husband…

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