Sickos are lusting after my stump

Kirsty Mason featured in Pick Me Up! June 2, 2011 Pick Me Up! - June 2, 2011
By Kirsty Mason

Losing her arm was bad enough, then Kirsty saw her photo on a sex site

As I stood on the rainy railway platform at Wokingham railway station, I crossed my arms and huffed. It was 8am on 7 November 2008, and I was on my way to my job as a sales advisor. The station was packed with people. Not only was I cold, I was starving, too. Why? Because I’d had a silly row with my boyfriend the morning before and I’d been too stressed to eat since.
Stupid, I know.
Suddenly, I felt dizzy and weak. I looked for a bench to sit on, but they were all wet with rain. Then the train arrived. I’d get a seat, clear my head. But then… darkness.
When I opened my eyes again I was lying on my back, staring up at a thin strip of sky. Pain filled my back, hips and arm and something big was towering over me. People were also staring down at me, screaming. Oh, God. No…
I’d fainted and fallen onto the train tracks. Now I was lying under the train! Panic engulfed me. I screamed, then started to sob. ‘Mum, Dad!’ A woman scrambled down beside me, then a man. ‘Stay calm,’ they urged I tried to move my arm – I screamed out. It was impossible to move. Then paramedics climbed down, too. ‘The train’s on your arm,’ they explained. ‘To free it, they’ve got to reverse it off you.’ What?! There was no sound as the train inched off my flesh. Just my agonised howls! Commuters stared, white-faced, as the medics hoisted me onto a stretcher. Below my elbow, my arm lay flat – like an empty sleeve of skin. ‘Will I lose it?’ I cried. ‘Docs can do amazing things,’ The paramedic said. But not miracles…
When a company contacted me in 2011, my ears pricked up. They specialised in shooting inspirational photos of women who’d had amputations. ‘We’ll pay you £300 and travel costs,’ they said. I checked them out online. It all looked kosher. ‘You’re on!’ I said. For the first time ever, I posed proudly – not hiding my arm. So I only had one arm? So What? I was still beautiful!
But in April 2011, I received an anonymous email on Facebook. It was from an amputee who’d done a photoshoot in Germany.
Did you know our photos are now on fetish wesites for perverts who like amputations?
Finding the website, I felt sick. And there they were in all their glory – my photos. Uploaded by strangers, to be drooled over by sick perverts.

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