The rantings of Ian Brady

The bizarre rantings of Moors Murderer, Ian Brady Sunday Mirror - Sunday, January 5, 2014
By Tom Hendry (INS), & Ben Glaze (Sunday Mirror)

Moors Murderer Ian Brady: Noel Edmonds and Chris Evans should be 'culled' and working class should riot again

Letters written by the child killer in his high-security psychiatric hospital give a chilling insight into the contempt he still holds for society.
The full dark depths of Moors Murderer Ian Brady’s crazed mind can be revealed today in a series of bizarre and venomous letters written in his room in a high-security psychiatric hospital.
In his deranged scribblings, the killer rants about how celebrities like Noel Edmonds and Chris Evans should be “culled”.
He brands The Beatles puerile and calls for organised working class riots against “the free-loading bone-idle middle classes”.
And when 76-year-old Brady isn’t lashing out he makes sinister inferences to his crimes, hinting that he would like to go back to places where he could find reminders of his past.
In what seems like a taunt to those still hoping to find the body of 12-year-old victim Keith Bennett on Saddleworth Moor, he says: “If I had ever returned, I would have been like an archaeologist, searching … for the remains of the old in hidden nooks and corners.”

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